Lecture Hours

All lectures will be recorded and published on YouTube channel.

There will be also optional synchronous recitation/ Q&A sessions on Mondays 13:40-15:30. These sessions will be recorded and published in the ODTUClass.

Course Coordinator:

  • Furkan Tokgöz
  • Office: Ayaslı ARC-300
  • Tel: 0312 210 6093
  • Email: tokgoz@metu.edu.tr


  • One Midterm Exam: 20%
  • Final Exam: 30%
  • Laboratory/Simulation Projects: 25%
  • Homeworks: 20%
  • Participation/In Video Questions: 5%

Laboratory Sessions:

There will be five online asynchronous laboratory sessions. You are required to watch a laboratory session video, and given a practical problem and a Matlab/Simulink simulation template. You’ll be required run the simulation file to answer the lab questions and submit a report with a group of three people.

Course Contents:

The following materials will be available to students:

  • Weekly Asynchronous lecture videos (~60-90 min/ week), available on YouTube channel.
  • Weekly synchronous recitation hours, recordings will be avaiable on ODTUClass
  • Lecture presentations (and annotated copies during lectures)
  • Laboratory videos and Matlab/Simulink simulation templates
  • Solved problem sets, previous exam solutions

Online Lecture’s Presentations

Last Year’s Presentations

How can I convert slides to pdf?: In Chrome, use print preview then save to pdf.

You can download PDF versions of all presentations from this link. Note that, PDF versions can be out-dated, so please check the html versions for the newest version.


  • Electric Machinery & Transformers, Guru and Hızıroğlu, Saunders College Publishing, 3rd ed. 2001.
  • Electric Machinery, Fitzgerald, Kingsley and Umans, McGraw-Hill, 6th ed. 2003.

Online References: