Ongoing Projects

2022-2024 EGEN, EÜAŞ EGEN - Design and Manufacturing of a 44 MVA Hydrolectric Generator The project is funded by EÜAŞ to upgrade the units in the Sarıyar Hydroelectric Power Station. New generators will be locally designed by METU and manufactured by EÜAŞ. The aim is to modernize the generators and maximize the generator efficiency while keeeping the installation cost at minimum.
2020-2022 DANIDA, Denmark WindFlag, Feasibility Analysis of Offshore Wind Power Plants in Turkey: The project is funded by Denmark Ministry of Foreign affairs, DANIDA programme. The project partners are Aalborg University, Worldpower ApS, METU RUZGEM, Cukurova University, AYBU, TEIAS, Endoks. The project aims to specify the potential large-scale offshore wind power plants in Turkey and assess their power production capabilities taking into account grid connection possibilities. It is also aimed to identify short-term and long-term effects of offshore wind power plants to the electric power system of Turkey. Project budget: €380.000.
2020-2022 Newton Fund COMSA, Community-based Off-grid Ultra-efficient Microgrid to Revive Water-food Security in Agriculture: The project is funded by the Newton Fund programme. The project partners are UCL (University College London), KCL (King’s College London), METU and Ankara University. The aim of this project is to develop micro grid and irrigation systems for the rural area using PV, wind and hybrid energy storage systems. Project budget: £ 100.000.
2017-2020 ASELSAN SST Electromagnetic Design and Optimization of a 10 MJ Electromagnetic Launcher - Phase III: Second phase of the TUFAN railgun project in which a 10 MJ prototype will be tested. Detailed 3D FEA models are developed to obtain electrical, mechanical force, and thermal characteristics of the railgun. Project budget: 392.000 TL.

Completed Projects

2020-2022 TUBITAK 1001 Development of a 1 kW SiC, Modular Wireless Power Transfer System for Synchronous Machines: The aim of this project is to develop an modular wireless power transfer system for synchronous machines. The aim of the project is to increase the reliability of synchronous generatorsfor wind turbines, and make them a viable alternative to high cost permanent magnet generators. Project budget: 420.000 TL.
2018-2019 USTDA USA Trade and Development Agency, METU Smart Campus Project: This project is the only funded project from the Smart Cities call of 2016. In the project, feasibility analysis of smart city concepts for METU will be investigated. These include roof-top PVs, electric shuttle bus, electric bike network, smart LED lighting, combined heat and power generation facilities. The project aims to make METU campus a sustainable, self-sufficient green campus. Project has been signed in September 2017, and it is expected to be completed in April 2019. Project budget: $830.000.
2017-2018 TUBITAK 3501 Development of a 7,5 kW Permanent Magnet Integrated Modular Motor Drive System: The aim of this project is to develop an IMMD system where the electric motor and its drive are integrated into a single package. The motor and drive will consist of several modules to increase fault tolerance. Gallium Nitride (GaN) power semiconductor devices will be used to reduce the size and increase the efficiency. Project budget: 177.000 TL.
2017-2018 ASELSAN MGEO Design of a high performance linear servo actuator and PCB Motor: Two high performance actuators (linear and axial flux permanent magnet) will be designed and manufactured in this project. The aim is to manufacture these actuators in Turkey instead of exporting. Project budget: 198.000 TL.
2017-2018 EnerjiSa-H2020 Project Pattern Recognition in Power Systems: The aim of EPR Project is to implement pattern recognition techniques for power systems to detect faults and plan predictive maintenance on system components. METU’s work packages consist of synthetic inertia implementation in wind turbines to improve power system stability and analyze distribution level power quality to detect anomalies. Total Project budget: € 2.400.000.
2017 ASELSAN UGES Feasibility analysis and design of a 2.5MW direct-drive wind turbine generator: In this project techno-economic analysis of different generator technologies are performed to find the most suitable generator technology for ASELSAN. A detailed electromagnetic, structural and thermal optimization of a direct-drive generator using FEA tools is presented. Project budget: 87.000TL.
2016-2017 ASELSAN SST Electromagnetic Design and Optimization of a 200kJ-2MJ Electromagnetic Launcher: In this project electromagnetic and thermal analyses are performed on the TUFAN railgun project. Detailed 3D FEA models are developed to obtain electrical, mechanical force, and thermal characteristics of the railgun. Project budget: 397.000 TL.
2016 BAP Design of a Modular Data Acquisition Board.
2016 Andar Servo Design and Manufacturing of a Eddy Current Damper for Aerospace Application
2016 Andar Servo Design and Manufacturing of a Brushless PM Servo Motor.
2015 Newton Fund Mobility Grant Design of a superconducting wind turbine prototype.
2014–2016 TUBITAK 2232 Project Design of modular and fault-tolerant generators for direct-drive wind turbines.
2011–2014 EU FP7 Project Marina Platform Project is an EU FP7 project with 17 industrial and academic partners. I am working as a full-time researcher in the project, which aims to design combined wave and wind energy platforms. My duty is to compare different generator topologies and power take-off systems in terms of efficiency and reliability.
2013 United Arab Emirates Uni. Design of a 5 kW permanent-magnet linear generator test rig.
2013 GE Power Conversion A project to validate the superconducting generator topology that I developed during my PhD. General Electric supplied the superconducting coil and test facilities for the cryogenic tests.
2011 NGenTec Design consultant for a medium-speed generator design. Electromagnetic optimization a 5 MW, 300 rpm permanent-magnet generator has been completed.
2010 NGenTec Design and optimization of a 1 MW, 12 rpm direct-drive generator for a wind turbine. The machine has been manufactured and successfully tested.
2010 SMART R&D Grant Design and testing of a 25 kW axial flux permanent-magnet generator. The experimental results have been used to evaluate the thermal performance of the generator and the cooling system.
2010 Hayward Tyler Feasibility analysis of a submerged and flooded permanent-magnet generator. Thermal performance of the flooded generator has been investigated as well as the corrosion mechanisms and fluid drag losses.
2009–2010 NPower Project The feasibility analysis of direct-drive PM generators for two wave energy converters (Aquamarine Power,AWS Ocean Power) and two tidal energy converters (Marine Current Turbines, Scotrenewables) have been investigated. An analytical and optimization tool is developed, and licensed by University of Edinburgh for further use.