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Completed MSc Theses

  • Erencan Duymaz, Investigation of Inertial Support Limits in Wind Turbines and the Effects in the Power System Stability, 2019
  • Aysel Akgemci, Hybrid Excited Synchrnous Generator Design and Comparison of Direct Drive Wind Turbines, 2019
  • Doğa Ceylan, Electromagnetic Simulation and Optimization of an Electromagnetic Launcher, 2018
  • Mert Bildirici, Reducing the Cost of Electric Transmission and Distribution Systems with Wind Generation by Means of Energy Storage and Demand Side Management, 2018
  • Aydın Başkaya, Design of a Modular, Axial-flux Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator For Wind Turbines, 2018
  • Melih Var, Improvement of the Electric Field Distribution in the Medium Voltage Gas Insulated Inductive Voltage Transformer, 2017
  • Öztürk Şahin Alemdar, Design and Implementation of an Unregulated DC/DC Transformer Module Using LLC Resonant Converter, MSc Thesis, pdf version, 2016.
  • Mario Recio Lara, Development of a mobile phone application to detect speed and faults of electrical machines, MSc Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2013.
  • Marzia Akbari, Comparison and control of power take-off systems for combined wind/wave energy platforms, MSc Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2013.

Ongoing PhD Theses

  • Mehmet Özcan, Optimum Bidding Strategy for Renewable Energy Generation With Storage in Turkey’s Day Ahead Market
  • Mesut Uğur, Design of an Integrated Modular Motor Drive (IMMD) for Traction Applications
  • Hüseyin Yürük, Design of Fault Tolerant Servo Motor Drives
  • İlker Şahin, Model Predictive Control Strategies for Power Electronic Converters and AC Drives

Ongoing MSc Theses

  • Hakan Temiz, Grid Impedance Estimation Based Adaptive Controller Design for Back-to-Back Wind Turbine Power Converters for Stable Operation in Distorted and Weak Grid
  • Furkan Karakaya, Characterization of Enhancement Mode Gallium Nitride(GaN) Power Transistors and Implementation of Gan Power Transistors on Integrated Modular Motor Drive System
  • Gökhan Çakal, Design and Implementation of Coreless Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor With Printed Circuit Board Windings
  • Mehmet Kaan Mutlu, Limited-jerk Sinusoidal Trajectory Design for Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor With H-infinity Optimal Controller
  • Aykut Demirel, Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Motor Drive Systems
  • Lütfi Boyacı, TBA
  • Göksenin Hande Bayazıt, TBA
  • Hakan Polat, TBA