Ozan Keysan

Electrical-Electronics Engineering
Middle East Technical University
06800, Ankara, Turkey
Phone: (+90 312) 210 7586
Office: C-113


2021– Associate Professor Dept. of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, METU
2014–2021 Assistant Professor Dept. of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, METU
2011–2014 Research Associate Institute for Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh
2010–2012 Electrical Machine Design Consultant NGenTec, Edinburgh
2009–2010 Research Associate Institute for Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh
2005-2009 Research Assistant Middle East Technical University


2013 PhD University of Edinburgh, Institute for Energy Systems
    Thesis Title: Superconducting Generators for Large Offshore Wind Turbines
2008 MSc Middle East Technical University,
    Electrical-Electronics Engineering
    Thesis Title: A Non-Invasive Speed and Position Sensor for Induction Machines Using External Search Coils
2005 BSc Middle East Technical University,
    Electrical-Electronics Engineering

Academic-Administrative Work

Research Interests

My main area of interests are renewable energy, design of electric machines, and power electronics. In particular, I am working on novel drive-train concepts for wind energy such as high-temperature superconducting machines and direct-drive generators. I am also interested in modular and fault-tolerant electrical machines.

Research Experience & Projects

For more details and for ongoing projects please visit the My Projects page.

2021-2023 TUBITAK 1004 Development of a 200kW, 1500V DC String Grid Connected PV Inverter (TUBITAK MAM)
2021-2023 TUBITAK 1004 Development of a 10 kW Bi-directional Micro PV Inverter with Storage (TESCOM).
2020-2022 DANIDA /Denmark WindFlag, Feasibility Analysis of Offshore Wind Power Plants in Turkey.
2020-2022 TUBITAK Newton Fund COMSA, Community-based Off-grid Ultra-efficient Microgrid to Revive Water-food Security in Agriculture.
2020-2022 TUBITAK 1001 Development of a 1 kW SiC, Modular Wireless Power Transfer System for Synchronous Machines.
2019-2022 ASELSAN Rail-Gun Project Phase-II of Electromagnetic Design and Optimization of a 10MJ Electromagnetic Launcher.
2016-2019 ASELSAN Rail-Gun Project Electromagnetic Design and Optimization of a 200kJ-2MJ Electromagnetic Launcher.
2018-2019 USTDA USA Trade and Development Agency, METU Smart Campus Project.
2017-2019 TUBITAK 3501 Development of a 7,5 kW Permanent Magnet Integrated Modular Motor Drive System.
2017-2018 ASELSAN MGEO Design of a high performance linear servo actuator and PCB Motor.
2017-2018 EnerjiSA-H2020 Project Pattern Recognition in Power Systems.
2017 ASELSAN MW Wind Turbine Feasibility analysis and design of a MW sized direct-drive wind turbine generator.
2016 BAP Design of a Modular Data Acqusition Board.
2016 Andar (TTO) Design and Manufacturing of a Eddy Current Damper for Aeorospace Application
2016 Andar (TTO) Design and Manufacturing of a Brushless PM Servo Motor.
2015 Newton Fund Mobility Grant Design of a superconducting wind turbine prototype.
2014–2016 TUBITAK 2232 Project Design of modular and fault-tolerant generators for direct-drive wind turbines.
2011–2014 EU FP7 Project Marina Platform Project is an EU FP7 project with 17 industrial and academic partners. I am working as a full-time researcher in the project, which aims to design combined wave and wind energy platforms. My duty is to compare different generator topologies and power take-off systems in terms of efficiency and reliability.
2013 United Arab Emirates Uni. Design of a 5 kW permanent-magnet linear generator test rig.
2013 GE Power Conversion A project to validate the superconducting generator topology that I developed during my PhD. General Electric supplied the superconducting coil and test facilities for the cryogenic tests.
2011 NGenTec Design consultant for a medium-speed generator design. Electromagnetic optimization a 5 MW, 300 rpm permanent-magnet generator has been completed.
2010 NGenTec Design and optimization of a 1 MW, 12 rpm direct-drive generator for a wind turbine. The machine has been manufactured and successfully tested.
2010 SMART R&D Grant Design and testing of a 25 kW axial flux permanent-magnet generator. The experimental results have been used to evaluate the thermal performance of the generator and the cooling system.
2010 Hayward Tyler Feasibility analysis of a submerged and flooded permanent-magnet generator. Thermal performance of the flooded generator has been investigated as well as the corrosion mechanisms and fluid drag losses.
2009–2010 NPower Project The feasibility analysis of direct-drive PM generators for two wave energy converters (Aquamarine Power,AWS Ocean Power) and two tidal energy converters (Marine Current Turbines, Scotrenewables) have been investigated. An analytical and optimization tool is developed, and licensed by University of Edinburgh for further use.

Teaching Experience

Middle East Technical University

For a full list of courses that I taught please visit my Courses webpage.

  • EE281: Electric Circuits
  • EE361: Electromechanical Energy Conversion-I
  • EE362: Electromechanical Energy Conversion-II
  • EE462: Utilization of Electrical Energy
  • EE463: Static Power Conversion-I
  • EE464: Static Power Conversion-II
  • EE564: Design of Electrical Machines
  • EE564: Special Topics in Electrical Machines
  • ID403: Collaborative Design Studio

University of Edinburgh

Laboratory Supervision:

  • Power Engineering Lab (2nd year): This course introduces students to the techniques and equipment used in the generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation of electrical power.

  • Power Generation Lab (3rd year): The lab aims to give the students experience in working with rotating machines and power electronic equipment and synchronization to the grid.


  • The Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (four-year EngD programme), “Introduction to Superconductivity and Superconducting Generators”.


2011–Present IET Member
2011–Present IEEE Power and Energy Society Member
2010–Present UK Magnetics Society Member
2005–Present TMMOB Electrical Engineers Society Member

Honours & Awards

2018 Educator of the Year, METU, Parlar Foundation.
2018 Best Lecturer, 2017-2018 Spring semester (based on student evaluations), METU.
2017 Best Lecturer, 2017-2018 Fall semester (based on student evaluations), METU.
2017 & Best Poster Award, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Conference, DAAD.  
2013 Staff Scholarship, University of Edinburgh.
2012 Young Researcher Support, International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism, ICSM.
2012-2013 Ph.D. Overseas fee waiver and stipend, University of Edinburgh.
2011 Young Researcher Award and Travel Grant, European Conference on Applied Superconductivity, EUCAS.
2011 IEEE Membership and Travel Grant, IEEE Power Electronics Society.
2011 Best Poster Award, IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference, IEMDC.
2010 Best Paper Award, IEEE International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM.
2010-2012 Ph.D. Scholarship on Renewable Energy, Hopewell Holdings, Hong Kong.
2005–2007 Graduate Fellowship, TUBITAK.
2005 Ranked 2nd in the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Exam (ALES).
2005 Finalist in the METU Entrepreneurship Competition (Yeni İşler Yeni Fikirler).
2001–2005 Dean’s high honour list (3 times), Dean’s honour list (3 times).

Courses & Seminars

  • HPI, Design Thinking Workshop, 3 days, 2016.
  • Aalto Design Factory, Design factory crash course, 2 days, 2015.
  • Future Reliable Renewable Energy Conversion Systems, 4th Flagship Seminar, Chongqing, China, 2012.
  • Supervising Postgraduate Research, Iain Davidson, 2013.
  • Large-Scale Parallel Computing, University of Edinburgh, 2013.
  • Superconducting Machines, UK Magnetics Society, University of Oxford, 2012.
  • Thermal and Mechanical Aspects of High Performance Electrical Machines, UK Magnetics Society, 2011.
  • LaTeX for scientific publications, Skills Development Edinburgh, 2010.
  • Opera 2D/3D FEA Analysis of Electrical Machines, Cobham Ltd. Vector Fields, 2009.
  • Marine and Tidal Energy Workshop, Industrial Problems in Marine Energy Workshop, 2009.
  • Project Management for Researchers, Fistral Training & Consultancy Ltd., 2009.
  • Project Presentation on International Venture Capital Forum, Athens, 2006.
  • Project Management and Entrepreneurship Course, 30 days, METU Technopolis, 2005.


  • Analysis: R, Matlab, C++, Python.
  • FEA: ANSYS Maxwell, Comsol, Opera, FEMM.
  • CAD: SolidWorks, KiCAD.
  • Other: LaTeX, Github.

Activities & Hobbies

  • Mountaineering: Active Member of METU Mountaineering Club
  • Sailing: Dinghy and Yacht Sailing, (Certificate of Competence For Operators of Pleasure Craft).
  • Blogging: asuyatuyolar.org, keysan.me/blog


  • English (Fluent), Spanish (Intermediate), Chinese (Beginner)


Theses Supervised

For on going theses, please visit theses page.

  • İlker Şahin, Model Predictive Control Strategies for Power Electronic Converters and AC Drives, 2021 (PhD)
  • Mehmet Özcan, Optimum Bidding Strategy for Renewable Energy Generation With Storage in Turkey’s Day Ahead Market, 2021 (PhD)
  • Nail Tosun, Investigation of Velocity Skin Effect of Convex Railgun Structure With 3D Moving Mesh, 2021
  • Göksenin Hande Bayazıt, Design and Optimization of a Multiphase Fault Tolerant Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine, 2021
  • Hakan Polat, 1kW contactless slip ring design using series-series resonant converter topology, 2021
  • Furkan Karakaya, Characterization of GaN Transistors and Development of Bi-directional DC/DC Converter With Half-Bridge Having Short Circuit Protection for Parallel Switches, 2020
  • Gökhan Çakal, Design and Implementation of Coreless Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor With Printed Circuit Board Windings, 2020
  • Lütfi Boyacı, Proton Irradiation and Gamma Ray Irradiation Testing Studies on the Commercial Grade GaNFETs to Investigate their Characteristics under the Space Radiation Environment, 2019
  • Aykut Demirel, Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Motor Drive Systems, 2019
  • Mehmet Kaan Mutlu, Limited-jerk Sinusoidal Trajectory Design for Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor With H-infinity Optimal Controller, 2019
  • Hakan Temiz, Grid Impedance Estimation Based Adaptive Controller Design for Back-to-Back Wind Turbine Power Converters for Stable Operation in Distorted and Weak Grid, 2019
  • Erencan Duymaz, Investigation of Inertial Support Limits in Wind Turbines and the Effects in the Power System Stability, 2019
  • Aysel Akgemci, Hybrid Excited Synchrnous Generator Design and Comparison of Direct Drive Wind Turbines, 2019
  • Doğa Ceylan, Electromagnetic Simulation and Optimization of an Electromagnetic Launcher, 2018
  • Mert Bildirici, Reducing the Cost of Electric Transmission and Distribution Systems with Wind Generation by Means of Energy Storage and Demand Side Management, 2018
  • Aydın Başkaya, Design of a Modular, Axial-flux Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator For Wind Turbines, 2018
  • Melih Var, Improvement of the Electric Field Distribution in the Medium Voltage Gas Insulated Inductive Voltage Transformer, 2017
  • Öztürk Şahin Alemdar, Design and Implementation of an Unregulated DC/DC Transformer Module Using LLC Resonant Converter, MSc Thesis, pdf version, 2016.
  • Mario Recio Lara, Development of a mobile phone application to detect speed and faults of electrical machines, MSc Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2013.
  • Marzia Akbari, Comparison and control of power take-off systems for combined wind/wave energy platforms, MSc Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2013.